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Whether you are just learning how to brew beer at home, or are a seasoned beer brewer, this blog is for you. This is where we collect craft beer tasting notes, favorite Mr. Beer recipes by season, answer brewing questions, and tackle beer topics we feel haven’t been dealt with yet.

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Good morning, brewers! We just wanted to let you know that, unfortunately, our Mr Beer Community Forum website is down for the time being. We're working on getting it fixed, and we'll let you know as soon as that happens. ...

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How cool is this? We had the privilege of hosting Arizona's first recycled water brew challenge - AZ Pure Water Brew Challenge. Learn what it's all about -> ...

Beer judging is serious business! Thanks Mr. Beer for hosting the #azpurewaterbrew tasting today!

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Cheers Bill! Our homebrewers always keep this job rewarding. ...

Love my Mr. Beer home brews. So easy and so good. It is very satisfying to crack one open and say "I made this".

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Cheers to National Beer Lover's Day. Keep these random beer holidays coming! haha More beer breaks for us. ...

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Cheers, brewers! Happy Labor Day! ...

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