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The Mr.Beer Craft Beer Blog is bringing the latest in Craft Beer and homebrew ideas to your screen.  Numbers from 2013 indicate that America has at least 1 million homebrewers, and about two-thirds of those hobbyists are relative newbies, having taken up homebrewing since 2005.   If you are one of the million-plus homebrewers in America — or really if you’re a homebrewer anywhere — this Brewing Blog is for you.

In here you will find articles and videos on the best ways to make your Mr. Beer homebrew.  We will also delve into the partial mash and other unique ways that can make your homebrew more memorable.  If you have any ideas for us you can feel free to email us at [email protected]


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We snapped all 6 of our new #craftbeer kits during the #ThirstyThursday tasting last week. It's a strong lineup folks. www.mrbeer.com/kits ...

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It's #NationalDogDay and we've gotta say, Doug The Pug is a pooch after our own heart. ...

"I'm gonna pretend like this is my first drink since last weekend" -Doug

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