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Whether you are just learning how to brew beer at home, or are a seasoned beer brewer, this blog is for you. This is where we collect craft beer tasting notes, favorite Mr. Beer recipes by season, answer brewing questions, and tackle beer topics we feel haven’t been dealt with yet.

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Cool T-shirts, right? Come see us at Tucson Beer Fest tomorrow sporting these and premiering our Zombie (Oktober)Fest! 6-10pm at Kino Sports Complex ...

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Happy #NationalCoffeeDay folks! We tasted these two flavorful coffee picks this morning for fun. Gotta admit though, our own #SundayMorningComingDown really hits the spot when it comes to coffee stout. ...

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Happy #NationalDrinkBeerDay homebrewers! Renae here enjoying some #DiabloIPA in celebration. Yum. What are you sipping on? #NoItIsntTooEarlyForBeer ...

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