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Mr.Beer® Beer of the Day - October 24

Posted by Judy Ramos on Oct 24, 2014 3:00:00 AM

The Big Bopper’s Birthday

Fading from memory is JP Richardson known professionally as the Big Bopper, he of the booming “Hello Baaaaby” intro into this classic song that still resounds today. JP was a Texas DJ and also a talented musician and songwriter who along with Buddy Holly and Richie Valens died in a plane crash February 3, 1959, remembered as “The Day the Music Died”. As today is the 81 anniversary of his birth it seemed an opportune time to honor his memory as an exuberant personality as well as a lasting influence on the history of Rock and Roll. Chantilly Lace is a sessionable mash-up of American Blonde with witbier spice to give a little twist of flavor. Just right for a dance party where you don’t want to be weighed down with a fully leaded beer. Clean on the palate, but with hints of citrus and spice this one’s a hit!

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Mr.Beer® Beer of the Day - October 23

Posted by Judy Ramos on Oct 23, 2014 3:00:00 AM

Lager Time

With the cooling of the weather now is prime time to brew up some lagers! German Doppelbock is a classic for holiday celebrations. This double bock is a rich, complex lager with floral noble hops on the nose and a complexity of toasted malt flavors with notes of dark fruit and toffee, but the finish is clean and smooth as a lager should be. This is a heady beer though, so be aware that she packs an alcoholic punch and don’t get too carried away unless you are making it a night in.

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Mr.Beer® Beer of the Day - October 22

Posted by Judy Ramos on Oct 22, 2014 3:00:00 AM

Nut Day

AstroNut Brown Ale- Our collaboration recipe with Rocket Republic Brewing Company in Madison, Alabama. Eric Crigger, owner and head brewer started brewing with a Mr. Beer kit 10 years ago and that launched his passion that would evolve into Rocket Republic. AstroNut is an American Brown Ale with low roast flavor so the nuttiness and chocolate character of the style really take the spotlight. The finish is crisp and dry but that nut brown flavor lingers on your tongue enticing you back again for another taste. Try a collaboration of your own with this one. Teach a Friend to Home Brew Day is just around the corner and by ordering now you can get it just in time to enjoy the day with a buddy and a few pints as you brew up a batch! 

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Mr.Beer® Beer of the Day - October 21

Posted by Judy Ramos on Oct 21, 2014 8:37:00 AM

Apple Day

A day to celebrate the humble apple, especially our Archer’s Orchard Hard Apple Cider. Celebrated mainly in the United Kingdom, it’s high time that it comes to ‘Merica and we really make it ours! Everyone knows an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but with Mr.Beer you can get your apple as cider and not have to mess with the core and the seeds. Served cold and carbonated or hot mulled with traditional spices, this is a perfect time of year to enjoy some apples, and get into the mood for wassailing with the coming holidays, especially the “Twelfth Night”. Bring your cup, drink it up. Hurrah! Hurrah!

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Mr.Beer® Beer of the Day- October 18

Posted by Judy Ramos on Oct 18, 2014 3:00:00 AM

The Sweetest Day is today

Candy not just for the one you love, but for everyone in your life. Candy rots your teeth, so replace that candy with the sweetness of an Apricot Wheat and you’ll be happy you did. The fruit plays so well off the wheat and the creamy texture and full body means you’ll not have missed that piece of candy, and you can go back for seconds without the guilt you would have in the empty calories because there’s B vitamins included in the beer. I know, that’s really stretching, but it’s true. Homebrewed, naturally carbonated beer is rich in the B vitamins our bodies rely on for energy, so you can feel good about that glass of Apricot Wheat. Sweet!

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Mr Beer® Beer of the Day- October 17

Posted by Judy Ramos on Oct 17, 2014 3:00:00 AM

Wear Something Gaudy Day

How appropriate that Wear Something Gaudy Day and Mulligan Day are today. I vote for knocking off work early, donning that wildly-colored plaid golf clothing and hitting the course for a quick round. You won’t even need to yell fore, you’ll be so bright that you can’t be missed swinging for the trees. If you make a spectacle of yourself you can always opt for a mulligan and tee up again. Have a little fun with Dad’s Favorite Cream Ale once the rounds are done, you’ll have earned yourself a pint or two, and looked great doing it too.

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Mr.Beer® Beer of the Day - October 16

Posted by Judy Ramos on Oct 16, 2014 3:00:00 AM

World Food Day!

Beer has been described as liquid bread, and no one does liquid bread like the Belgians. Abbey Dubbel is a great representation of the style, and this is not a recipes that takes forever to come along for the right flavors. Brew one now and save a few bottles for later, but I’ll bet that you’ll be ready for more when lent and spring approach. It’s that good.
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Mr.Beer® Beer of the Day - October 15

Posted by Judy Ramos on Oct 15, 2014 3:00:00 AM

Information Overload Day

It’s Information Overload Day. So I’ll keep it short and sweet today. Our Belgian Spiced Christmas Ale is short and sweet to brew and now’s the time to get it into the keg so you’ll have it ready for the Big Day!
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Mr.Beer® Beer of the Day - October 14

Posted by Judy Ramos on Oct 14, 2014 3:00:00 AM

Dessert Day

National Dessert Day is today, and that got me thinking about which of our recipes would make a great dessert. Dark Forest Stout is a luscious raspberry stout and when paired with a couple of heaping scoops of French vanilla ice cream in a big schooner glass it makes a great float. If you’re a little crazy, like I am, you’ll top it off with a drizzle of framboise lambic as well. Yum!
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Mr.Beer® Beer of the Day - October 13

Posted by Judy Ramos on Oct 13, 2014 3:00:00 AM

Columbus Day

Today is Columbus Day, and conversely, it’s also Native American Day. And most seriously, it is International Skeptics Day. Color me skeptical, but don’t you think someone should have thought the pairing of these two days through? Oh well, since we’re already in the silly vein today, how about a little rendition of Baby Got Bock? A fun little ditty that will be flitting through your brain as you brew up this delicious traditional lager. I’m doubting Thomas, or Richard, or Harold, or Anthony (Ray aka Sir Mix a Lot) for that matter, will mind helping you drink it all once it’s ready to go... but you may be more skeptical.
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